Baking Table Area

We have been cleaning and rearranging this week. One of the rooms we were working on was the kitchen. Some people might find it hard to rearrange a kitchen, but not me. If you have furniture in it, then it can be rearranged. lol.

We moves the deep freeze to the other side of the kitchen, took out a big shelf that was holding all my baking items and added a tall thin cabinet.

We added table where the freezer was and turned that whole area aroung it my baking table area. It is sooooo cute. I love it!

 Combination of a table and a few shelves. I love being creative. I love it even more when its a combined effort between hubby and I.


We also were able to bring my extra appliances up from the garage and put them in the cabinets. We put all the tupperware items in the new tall thin cabinet in our kitchen.

I love organizing!




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