Garden Stones

I have been wanting to do something with our front and side gardens for a while now. I thought of mulch, but it wuld take a while to buy all the bags needed. Last Sunday we found a posting on Craigslist for FREE garden stones. No catch. We just had to pick them up. So, I emailed them and scheduled a time to pu that afternoon/evening. The hubby, the kids and I all drove to Elgin (about 20 min or so away) and shoveled a lot of garden stones into the back of our Ford Expedition. Hubby put the rear seats down and had a tarp to protect the carpet as much as possible. We shoveled for over an hour, filled it up to the window and drove home.

 This is back of our truck. Filled to the top glass. It weighted the truck down a bit on the drive home, but it handled it.

Then we got home we opened the back hatch and …

 let them fall…

  until they stopped.

Then we shoveled the rest out and into the garden.


  The garden looks so much better. Nothing grows in it very well, except grass, and it was looking so tacky with just the grass patches. So, we made it pretty.







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