Egg Shells & Coffee Grounds

Eggshells and coffee grounds go hand in hand. They are gardening’s BFF’s. They are a natural fertilizer and a nice pick me up for your veggie garden or your houseplants. Eggshells provide calcium and coffee grounds provide nitrogen. Usually what you find in the fertilizer that you buy minus of course the extra added goodies that you don’t want in your garden.

All you have to do is save the eggshells, wash & dry them and crush them.

Then all you have to do is sprinkle them around your veggie plants especially your tomatoes or in your house plants. If you happen to be just planting put the shells in first.

Another tip, when you hard boil eggs do not toss out the water. The water has calcium from the eggs so let it cool and use it to water your house plants.

The coffee grounds are even easier. All you have to do is set them aside and let them dry out. *Super Easy* Sprinkle the grounds along with the shells for nitrogen. They are also good for deterring bugs. Doubly Nice!


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