Family Time

Family Time in our family doesn’t always mean eatting dinner together, watching a movie, playing a board game or playing on the XBOX. For us it also means working together. We do family projects, yard work and such together as well.  We think it teaches our boys about team work, family, the imporatnce of helping or doing your share, and also a good work ethic. (And probably a lot more we aren’t even aware of. LOL)

A few weeks back Hubby and oldest changed out the kitchen faucet together.


Last week we all dug up some cinder blocks that were lining the drive way and re burried then beside the carport, in a spot where nothing grows but it gets extra muddy when it rains. Then in the trench where the cinder blocks were, we refilled it with dirt and transplanted some flowers from around the yard.

   Next to carport.(Before)

Hubby placing cinder blocks.

 This is where the cinder blocks came from, beside the driveway. (Don’t know why they were there, they looked off)

 Almost done.

  Then hubby put dirt over top and spread it so it would fill in the cracks. It looks like is always been there.

  Here the kids are transplanting the flowers from around the yard in the trench where the cinder blocks were.

About two weeks ago we all pitched in a removed some dying trees along our fence line. Today we got some stump killer and our oldest is drilling holes in the stumps, then I pour in the stump killer and hot water.

  Here the youngest pulling the loose paint off the front windows. Then we will caulk them and paint them.

  Hubby is pressure washing the house.


We are also pulling a lot of flowers from around the house and transplanting them to different locations so they can be healthier and look better.

  These are so thick on this one side of the house that everything collects in them, leaves, trash and the grass in between them so much we can spend hours picking it or just mow it all down. So, were transplanting them in different locations. This will be an on going project.

  We got a small patch if them out and are working on finding them a new home. You can see all the leaves in just this one spot.

 We transplanted some here around the tree in the front.

Well, more work to be done…






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