Pancake Muffins

Regular pancake mix, homemade or store, doesn’t matter. Make it up just like you would if you were making pancake. When you have your batter redy just fill a muffin pan with the pancake batter. (don’t forget to use cupcake wrappers or spray the pan first) Then if you want add a little sausage to the batter, pop it in the oven and let it cook on about 300 degree for about 25 min. Mine might look a little funky but only beacuse I added sausage links (I cooked them prior to making this).

Its just like a pancake on a stick from the store.

But if you have kids that prefer the actual pancakes on a stick, check out the Smart Planet Corn Dog Maker on Amazon. I’m sure you could use it to make pancakes on  stick.

And the cost isn’t too bad either. $20-$25. I just haven’t been able to get one yet.


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