A Simple Woman’s Day Book

Outside my window….

I don’t know. I have had my windows and curtains closed all day.

I am thinking…

About working on lesson planning for next week…

Around my house…

My oldest is googling the Emancipation Proclamation for a report due in a few weeks. My youngest is playing his Civil War PS 2 game, that I assigned for his lessons today.

I am reading…

I just finished Misguided Angel and I am considering starting the Percy Jackson series. My oldest has been buggin me to read them since he started the first one. (Which hes done with the whole series now) He says I will really enjoy them. I like it when we read the same books. Its fun discussing them with him. We have both read the Twlight series (books are way better than the movies, The hunger Games series (amazing books), and we have read I am number four (We plan on reading the power of six too). But thats all the ones we have both read. I’d like him to read Witches Night Out (series) by Silver Ravenwolf. But don’t if he’ll get into it because they are mostly female witches. lol. 

I am hoping…

I can catch up on my to do list tomorrow, since today was a bust.

New creations from the kitchen…

I didn’t cook anything today. 😦 I was pretty upset about that too. (But I had a migraine)

In my life this week…

So far the week started off pretty well. I had been getting everything done daily, was able to be more hands on with the kids lessons, completed all my chores and still had down time for myself. I was exausted, but still got everything done. Until today. I woke with a migraine and super sleepy. I got up around 8am(which was sleeping in for me, I’ve been getting up with hubby at 6:15am), then went back to bed by like 9:00 am. Got back up a bit after 10am. Head was hurting so bad. Took aleve before I went back to bed at 9, took one of my expensive migraine meds after I got up, then ended up taking some severe sinus headache pills(which make me sleepy). Ended up sleeping again by 2. Up about 4:30 and migraine is gone! Thank the Goddess! But my dat is gone too. Wasn’t able to cook dinner, which is upsetting. Kids ate hot dogs(turkey) for dinner (which they are totally happy with) and hubby had a bowl of cereal before heading off to his night class. I just don’t like not cooking for them. Anyways, my oldest fixed me some breakfast burritos (with turkey bacon) for my dinner, so sweet, and I was still weak feeling from the migraine (that totally kicks my ass and makes me nonfunctionable). Hopefully the rest of the week goes smoothly. Nothing big planned. Just normal lessons, followed by a nice weekend at home doing some yard work and  working on the house (if it doesn’t rain or isn’t too hot).  I plan to finish up any lessons that the boys need for next week.  The boys will also do thier first Project Based Learning lessons this weekend. This is where they will choose a topic that interests them and learn more about it by reading, do a craft or whatever they want. The topic is choosen by them, and the learning is totally directed by them. They just have a minimum time limit of 1 hour. They can spend more time on it, but they must spend at least an hour.  We shall see how it goes. It will hopefully help them be more creative and give them more time to learn about things that interest them.
I also plan on fixing a nice fathers day meal for my hubby, and the kids have an XBOX game for him.  

Adventures in homeschooling…

Lessons are going pretty well. I reworked some stuff, and rearranged some of their lesson days. The lessons are working out smoothly for the most part. The boys are already retaining and enjoying learning about the Civil War. 

What’s working/not working for us…

I had to rework some of their History. I was having them do some double work, in order to help them retain more, but it wasn’t working. So, I cut some of the extra work, and it has really made the lessons more smooth and less stressful for the boys. I wanted them to record their food intake into My Fitness Pal daily so they could see what they were eatting, but that hasn’t worked out. You have to be over 18 for my My Fitness Pal. I tried some other sites, but I just really didn’t like how they were tracking everything. I could have them write everything down, but thats just isn’t gonna work for us. It is just too much for them right now with all their other lessons. They will barely keep a written record of their food and won’t learn from it. Some kids might, but with mine I need something different.  



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