Adventures in Homeschooling


Having a struggle with the boys right now. Well, its been going on a while. They do all the easy assignments, like writing their spelling words, any computer games, or the easiest crafts first in each subject. Then they save the reading and most detailed work to the end. In doing this they seem to run out of time by the end of the day. Or it will be 8pm and they are still working on lessons.  I know its not the lessons, they are not too hard for them and the kids aren’t really bored with them. They just want to do the easy stuff. When they do a history craft they will just assemble it as quickly as possible and move on without reading the info provided on it.  Or they will work through a workbook as quickly as possible, whether the answers are correct or if its even readable, they consider it done.
I don’t like it but I have to stay on them constantly about their lessons or they slack off, don’t study or half ass do their assignments. I know it is probably normal for a lot of kids, its just exausting for me.

They also keep their workboxes and lessons in their rooms. They are really bad about jus throwing their workbooks, binders and such on the floor. Their desks are always a mess, along with their workboxes.
I am mostly an organized person, so this just drives me nuts.

  Here is John’s Math book thrown on his futon

  John’s desk…and this is only Monday!


  John’s workboxes…at least they are more stragithened up than his brothers…


  Eric’s desk…

  Eric’s workboxes…


Does anyone else have issues with this?

Is there anything wrong with teaching the kids to pick after themselves (even in their own rooms) and teaching them to be organized?



2 thoughts on “Adventures in Homeschooling

  1. No, there is nothing wrong with teaching them to be organized. As an educator, you are doing more than teaching them to read or write. You are teaching them to be productive members of society and mature adults. When they get a job, their boss is going to expect them to be on time, to keep their work area clean, to do a job correctly and neatly, and to take initiative. As educators our job is to make sure that they develop these skills.

    All children struggle to keep things in order, let’s face it. They are young, still maturing, and often get distracted. Our job is to gently get them back on task and train them up right.

    May I make a humble suggestion? In terms of the actual project, I would try to handle the situation this way… Ask them if they have a better way to organize their desk space. Perhaps another system would work better to their learning style. If that fails, lay down some rules. Let them know that during the day, their desks are free to be more disorganized, but when they are “done” schooling for the day, they are not done until the desk is clean. No clean desk, no play time.

    Even as I write this, my oldest girl is doing just that. She has personal space that is supposed to be kept organized, which she has slacked in for the last two weeks. So, she is spending a few minutes getting things back on track before heading out to play. If she does this for 5 minutes everyday, the task is over with quickly and we are all happy. Does she fuss a little? Yeah, but don’t we all fuss over chores at times? In time, she will do this naturally and even thank me for pestering her.

    You are doing a good job, mom! Don’t give up! Just keep at them and they will get it.

  2. Thank you for the kind words and suggestion.
    They are “suppose” to clean their desks and pick up their room every night. Its part of their 8 pm routine. (clean up, shower, get ready for bed, quiet reading time, etc) (This routine starts an hour before the youngest goes to bed and an hour and half for the oldest) And they are “suppose” to straighten their workboxes by Saturday evening. This is just in case they don’t finish their lessons by Friday. (Which has happened more than once)
    But they have a habit of “forgeting” a lot. As a lot of kids do. LOL

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