Our Homeschool P.E.

In our home P.E. is just as important as book work. We use different methods for our homeschool P.E. The boys would LOVE to play soccer for the city however the costs are way more than we can afford. So, we create our own P.E. program.

We have several outside toys, bikes, scooter, football, soccer, basketball, nerf guns, water guns, etc. (We use to have  a trampoline until it finally gave out) But there are some days when they just don’t want to play outside, its too hot or its cold, whatever. So, we have inside P.E. We have an XBOX 360 with Kinect and a few games that really get the kid up and moving.

Kinect Adventures- this is a full body motion type game.

Star Wars- provides lots of upper body motion

Dance Central- This game is a great little workout that is tons of fun. We even have family dance off competitions. lol

Joy Ride- This game is great for toning your arms. You have to keep your arms held out in front of you to contol the steering wheel.

Motion Sports adrenaline- This game features several intense sports such as rock climbing, sky diving, white water kayaking and much more.


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