Homeschool style change

The way we were doing lessons just wasn’t working. Mostly for the youngest. He just learns different from his brother so I am always trying to tmake it work for him. Well we reached one of those moments again. So, I started researching different homeschooling methods. I was directed to a Charlotte Mason site.  I was also directed a Charlotte Mason lesson plan/curriculum type site. I read about Charlotte Mason style teaching for nearly a week. It looked like it would be a good thing for us to try. So, I started working out the kids lessons nad changing them from Classical to Charlotte Mason. It too several days, but I was finally about to make all the neccessary changes.

I added and adjusted some of their lessons. I have added Biographies to my oldests lessons,he will read about 1 person (in the historic time frame he’s studying)  for about 3 weeks, then switch to a second. (Our History topics last about 6 weeks). We are staying with the History curriculum we are using, Homeschool in the Woods. It works well for us. And I was able to adjust their lessons a it to be more Charlotte Msson style. They are continuing Geography. They study a state or country each week that goes with their history lessons. He will be doing Government & Economics as well as Current Events. Luckily I had ordered a Governmetn & Economics book from paperbackswap recently and it can now be used. His Language Arts is now separated into different subjects. He has Literature, now we are doing this one a bit different. He will continue to read good Literature such as White Fang &  A man without a country but he will also be reading Shakespeare  as well.  He is also starting to focus more on his writting useing a program suggested on a Charlotte Mason site. Before he was doing momory work such as memorizing the presidents, states & capitals and such. He will continue that, but he will also work on reciting a poem & speech from a famous person associated to the historic time frame he’s learning about.  He will continue with his Math-U-See, artist, composers & nature study. They are all apart of Charlotte Mason, but he would continue them whether they were or not. His Spanish & Latin will continue. Charlotte Mason  recomends that kids learn a foreign language and suggests French, but she was in England at the time. We live in America and I think its important to learn Spanish, first. Then they can work on other languages. His Science will continue, he really likes the NOEO science and is retaining a lot from it. Not gonna mess with a good thing. He will continue PE daily but we added Health. We also added George Washington’s Rules of Civilty & Decent behavior. He will continue with Logic & Life Skills just as before, they are very important.

The younger one’s will be slightly different than before. I’m not having hi do all the crafts in History like before. However he is now keeping a timeline when he reads the info on the history lesson he documents the events. This works well for several reasons, but it also insures he at least reads some of the lesson material where before he would try to skip the reading all the time. He now has Hitory tals, whic hare basically his Horrible History reading. He will still do memory work, because knowing the presidents, states & capitals is important. He will continue his Geography, math, science, artist, composer & nature study, as well as his PE.  He will start learning George Washington’s rule of Civilty & Decent Behavior. He REALLY needs to learn this. He will fart & burp in public and wont wash his face after he eats. He will start copy work with some pnemanship of historic quotes from famous people in the historic topic he is learning about as well as copying some Carl Sandburg poems. His Language Art is split into different subjects now. Literature, he will continue to read great books such as Charlottes Web & The jungle Book, his little bit of Grammar will consist of Learn Language Arts through Literature. I know Charlotte Mason doesn’t recommend a lot of Grammar in the earlier years, but I don’t lke to waste money, and since we already have the curriculum, we will work through it a little at a time, but not as indepth as before. He will continue with spelling though. I know its not suggested as a separate subject in Charlotte Mason style but its someting I want him to do. His actually work is a bit lighter than it was. I did add biographies for him, but only on video form. He will watch one biography of someone in his history topic each week.

I know everything were doing isn’t 100% Charlotte Mason, but there are a lot of changes from the old way to the new one.  I just hope this works for the younger one. I really like how the lessons turned out. It should be a fresh start for us all.


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