My Weekly Menu

I got behind on meal planning for this month. I was sick a few days last week and this weekend so I didn’t work on it until yesturday…yikes! I’m so bad. But I got a weeks worth of meals planned.* yea*
We’re making some chanes in the house. With hubby switching sides at work he is now coming home for lunch…again. So, I’ve gotta step it up and plan lunches for him.
I have been wanting to cook more lunches for a while but just havnt had the chance until hubby got moved at work and now I do.
Yesturday for lunch I didn’t plan anything because I was still working on the menu & we needed to go to the grocery store. So hubby ate cereal. But for dinner I fixed BBQ chicken, mac & cheese, steamed veggies & rolls.Today for lunch we’re having Sheppards Pie (my first time fixing it) and for dinner a Country Breakfast Scramble. Tomorrow for lunch I’m fixing Chicken gravy & drop biscuits and dinner will be Beef Enchiladas with homemade enchilada sauce, refried beans and spanish rice. (Crossing my fingers it will be good) Thursday for lunch I will fix eggs & smoked sausage and dinner will be Slow cooker chicken stroganoff, steamed green beans & dinner rolls. Friday for lnch I plan on fixing pintos & cheese and spanish rice and dinner will be Cheesy Baked spaghetti. Saturday for lunch I plan on making pepperoni rolls (from scratch) and dinner will be burgers and oven baked onion rings (from scratch) (My first time making these…hope they’re good) We’ll thats the plan for this week.

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