Camping and a Court of Honor

The boys went camping this last weekend. The December campout always includes a Court of Honor. (Where the boys recieve their merit badges)


DSCN2441 Here’s my baby boy in his scout uniform and camping pants.

DSCN2443  The troop fixed an awesome lunch of smoked BBQ Rubs, baked potatoes & corn on the cobb…yum!


DSCN2446  Eric & Aaron

DSCN2450 Eric & John in scout uniforms

DSCN2452 Eric chillin with Alex

DSCN2454 Hubby relaxin in his new winter jacket

DSCN2455 My big boy


DSCN2456 Isn’t the fireplace awesome! Love this pic.

DSCN2457 John with his Scout master

DSCN2458 Eric recieving his first merit badge (Family Life)  from his Scout Master.

DSCN2459 Eric also earned his first Rank (Tenderfoot)

DSCN2460 John recieving his Life rank. He’s now ready to start working on his Eagle project.

DSCN2463 John recieveing his many merit badges.


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