John’s Birthday Party

John’s 15thsleepover  birthday party


DSCN2420  John’s friends playing on the XBOX

DSCN2421 In the chair is Jayden, next him is Griffin, then Noah, on the floor is Chris and on the left side partially cut off is John.



DSCN2424 John’s homemade cookie cake

DSCN2425 Aaron & Eric

DSCN2426  All the guys eatting their cookie cake.

DSCN2427 John opening presents and eatting cookie cake

DSCN2428 John got a crossbones book & Shaun of the Dead

DSCN2430 The last 4 Freedie movies (Night mare on Elm Street)

DSCN2431 And of course money!

DSCN2432 John & Griffin playing XBOX after the other boys went home.

DSCN2434 John & his daddy playing XBOX

DSCN2435  Father & son time


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