2013 Goals

I don’t like making new years resolutions, mainly because they are most likely to not get done. I prefer to think of mine as Goals to work on all year and accomplish.

My 2013 Goals are, so far…


Paint the outside windows

Caulk the windows

Sand & Satin our picnic table

Declutter the house-get rid of unused items



Donate unused items to people who need them or to Goodwill

Save a minimum of $100 per paycheck(our truck is paid off, and the goal is to put most of that truck payment we were making each month)

Put an extra $20 in the bank with each paycheck(we have never been in a position to save be fore, so if we can start with $20 added to the bank account each check it will be a huge accomplishment for us)



Find curriculum that will work for the boys

Have more fun with homeschooling



Eat Healthier

Lose 20 lbs (This may not seem like much, since I have A LOT more than that to lose, but if I can lose 20 thats a huge sccomplishment for me)

Exercise more

Be more creative

Make time to read more


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