A Simple Woman’s Day Book

Outside my window….

its quiet, no birds and very few vehicles driving past

I am thinking…

about the new healthier menu, getting the kids lessons done for next week, and working on the curriculum purchase coming up

Around my house…

Youngest is playing a facebook game and oldest is playing a zombie killing game on the xbox

I am reading…

Serpent’s Kiss by Melissa De La Cruz

I am hoping…

I can stay on track and keep up with my goals over the next month

New creations from the kitchen…

I will be making new meals this month, trying some new things, like suffed zucchini and lots more beans worked into our meals…

In my life this week…

Eric had a doctor visit this week because his thyroid test came back a litte low. But it was only because he was fasting for the blood test, cause they tested his cholesteral and several other things. The doctor thinks his tyroid is fine, but will check it in 3 months to be sure.

Adventures in homeschooling…

Next week the kids will learn about hte Korean War, the spend 2 weeks on the Civil Rights movement before having a week off. Then they will wrap the year up with the Vietnam War and the landing on the moon.  The end of February they wil start Ancients, or possibly Dinos then Ancients. Still working all that out.

What’s working/not working for us…

Started planning the meals and snacks in detail again. So, I can make sure we all eat healthier, get enough veggies and such in our diet. Not easy, but worth it.







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