A Simple Woman’s Day Book

Outside my window….

It looks like the weather is warming up…

I am thinking…

About all the work  need to get done with the scouts  treasurer stuff, lessons, planning curriculum and I want to finish the book I’m reading so I can get to the Rise of Nine.

Around my house…

Eric is watching the Hound of the Baskervilles and John is workingon his Geography.

I am reading…

Soloman’s Oak by Jo-Ann Mapson. She is a really good writer. I am actually learning a lot from the book.

A young widower is having trouble dealing with the passing of her husband while she struggles to hold on to her California farm. She takes a part time job at Target, but soon gets laid off. An unusal opportunity arises when she is asked to host a wedding on her farm in the chapel her husband built just before he passed, which was built under her 200 year old white oak tree, known locally as Soloman’s Oak. Glory Soloman and her husband Dan had been foster parents for many years before Dan’s passing. Glory had no intentions on continuing to foster since all her foster boys had grown and moved on and her husband had passed.  But a 14yr old, Juniper McGuire, a lone survivor of a family torn apart about her sister’s disappearance, arrives at her doorstep, pierced, tatooed, angry & a foster child. Glory agrees to take her in, but Juniper soon proves to be a hand full for Glory.

I really enjoy reading how Glory handles Juniper’s behavior and am learning a lot from her example of patience.

I am hoping…

To be able to finish all I need to accomplish today…

New creations from the kitchen…

We have been enjoying more bean dishes in our home this month. 15 bean soup, split pea soup (trying that next week), bean & cheese enchiladas and many more. We are also working in more veggies & fruit into our diets.

In my life this week…

The boys had a scout meeting that was pretty productive, and Eric got his results from his blood work. His doctor is an idiot though. He seems annoyed that Eric wasn’t started on Thyroid meds when part his thyroid test came back to low. But he saw a specialist and the specialist didn’t think there was a problem because Eric had to fast for the Cholesterol part of the blood test, which made his thyroid test come back to low.  The specialist wil retest in 3 months to confirm though. Then his doctor made comments about Eric gaining 1 pound since his last weight in (a month ago). Eric’s appointment was just after lunch, plus we didn’t really start the new dietary plan until this month. Christmas holidays don’t count!  People don’t drop weight over night. It was very annoying! We have been making changes, and Eric has been exercising more. But his doctor wasn’t interested in any of that.

What’s working/not working for us…

I am still getting over the effects of this damn sore throat. I have also been tired the last couple of days. Which puts a crap in my to do list. I was barely able to even school the kids last week. This week I have been about to get some chores but still get tired, plus I have been behind on my to do list.


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