2013 Curriculum

We are changing things up this year, trying some new curriculums.

Our youngest will be trying out Oak Meadow’s 6th grade English & Ancient History. I like how it combines more than one subject. We would have gone with the complete 6th grade curriculum, if I could have worked it into our budget. But it wasn’t possible.  To accompany his History we purchased Sims Medieval & Sims Pirates & Nobles. (Since his History covers Ancients through Medieval times. )

Both Boys will read D’Aulaires’ Greek Myths, Horrible Histories of the World, Groovy Greeks & Rotten Romans, Awful Egyptians & Awesome Ancient Ancestors!: Mound Builders, Maya,
and More.
They will both also play Civilization Revolution for the XBOX & Prof. Noggins Ancient Civilizations.

My oldest will use the  World History Syllabus from Oak Meadow, the Glencoe World History Book & Augustus Caesar’s World.
He will also do the Famous Men of Greece, Famous men of Rome & the Famous Men of the Middle Ages from Memoria Press.  I know its a lot for one year but he asked to do them all.

For Geography they will both use the Geography Around the World book & continue with their Geography curriculum from Confessions of a Homeschooler.
The oldest will also use World Geography: Inventive Exercises to Sharpen Skills and Raise Achievement.
They also have some new games to play for Geography as well. A Combination US + World GeoPuzzle, Passport to Culture game, Name that country game & National Geographic
Challenge for the XBOX.
Science for my youngest will consist of a few different workbooks and hands on activities. The topic for the year is Biology.
Life Science, The Human Body, Biology, he will read Galen and the Gateway to Medicine & they will both use a Insect Lore Live Butterfly Garden, various plant growing kits (from Hobby Lobby), SmartLab Toys Squishy Science, Multi ColorScience Wiz DNA- kitProf. Noggins Human Body, Thames & Kosmos Forensics Fingerprint Lab, Large Mummy Excavation Kit & watch The Standard Deviants-Learn Biology(DVD).

The oldest will have a bit more challenging Biology curriculum. He will use a biology book I found on blog I frequent, Home Learning Family Going Sane, Biology Demystified, Anatomy Demystified, The biology coloring book, The Anatomy Coloring Book, The Zoology Coloring Book & The Botany Coloring Book.

For Math this year both boys are having a review year. The youngest needs to work on his multiplication, division, fractions & decimals before moving on. In the past we have used Math U See. It is a very good curriulum. But not for everyone. It no longer works for us. The youngest will be using a Multiplication (Straight Forward Math Series). (Also division, fractions ,etc)

The oldest will use Straight forward Algebra package. (3 books) & Applied Algebra. He almost has Algebra grasped, but not quite, so instead of having him move on he will just complete another year of Algebra one.

The oldest will also use a different Language Arts Program this year. Since I couldn’t one I really liked for highschool, I am just going to have him work on some grammar & vocabulary books and read literature books & poems through out the year. Most of the curriculums I found only had him read maybe 3 books a year. He’s use to reading way more than that.

Both boys will continue Latin again this year. The youngest struggles with Latin so he will be starting Prima Latina this year. The oldest will work on the Book of Roots & has asked to learn the Greek Alphabet this year as well.

Both boys will continue their Artist & Composers study with Confessions of a Homeshooler, they will also work on various drawing, painting & model building activities through out the year. I also found some great Artist go fish games on Amazon. ImpressionistArtists, Go Fish for Art, Van Gogh & Friends, Go Fish for Art, Go Fish for Art Renaissance Cards &  a composers card game.

We got the boys 2 new XBOX games for PE, for the days when its too hot or cold to play outside or ride bikes. Country Dance All Stars & Self Defense Training Camp.

For Logic Skills this year we got The settlers of Catan & Risk.

That about wraps up our curriculum for the 2013 school year.



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