A Simple Woman’s Day Book

Outside my window….

Its a cold windy day…

I am thinking…

About what I will have for lunch once I finally get to a stopping point.

Around my house…

My boys are eatting sub sandwiches and potato salad for lunch. Hubby is playing his XBOX.

I am reading…

Birth Marked by Caragh O’Brein

I am hoping…

To get over half my to do list done this week.

New creations from the kitchen…

Not many new creations for a while…I am burnt out on all the cooking & baking & making things from scratch. I haven’t seen very many positive side effects from trying to eat healthier. I tried following the dietitians food plan for my youngest & incorporated it into our family meal plan with variations for each person and the only thing that happened was my oldest gained weight quickly. He was the one person out of all of us that didn’t need to gain any weight. Infact ever since I started chaning up our menus, switching to whole wheat, lowering sugar, etc all of us have gained weight. Something is wrong with that!

In my life this week…

Got a busy week of cleaning, working on scouts stuff, working on kids lessons and cleaning out my craft shelf so I might actually start doing crafts again.

What’s working/not working for us…

The whole healthy eatting is so not working! I’m not saying were going back to eatting a bunch of crap, I am just relaxing a little. The kids are still not getting high sugar cereals or cookies and junk all the time, but I am relaxing on the whole wheat & stopping the splenda. My guys hate the splenda. I’m curious about something. How is splenda better for you when its made of a bunch of processed checmicals and pure cane sugar is not. Something don’t sound right there.


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