A Simple Woman’s Day Book

Outside my window….

Looks like tis going to be a bright sunny day. My tree, I got last year for mothers day, has 4 flowers bloomed on it. I love it when my tree blooms.

I am thinking…

I really need to finish my book because its due tomorrow.  I have lessons to work on.

Around my house…

My cat Amber is meowing, and my youngest Eric is asleep in his bed.

I am reading…

The secret circle: the hunt.  Tomorrow I will get Promised from the library.

I am hoping…

I have a calm, relaxed yet productive day.

New creations from the kitchen…

I tried to make tacos, refried beans, and Spanish rice the other night. I got the El Paso brand too. It still sucked. I make better homemade burritos that how those tacos came out. I have decided that if I want tacos we will get them from Taco Bell from now on.

In my life this week…

Just worked on lessons and enjoyed my time with Eric.

What’s working/not working for us…

I haven’t been yelling this week, I have been calm and patient as well. Eric hasn’t gotten on my nerves either. Not really. He has been listening and doing as he’s told and I have been spending one on one time with him. Its been really pleasant.


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