The boys are working hard in history learning about the early explorers. As one of their crafts I ordered the boys 3D puzzles. Eric of course likes the crystal puzzles so he got a pirate ship and a locking treasure chest with a key.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA  It only took him a few days to assemble them both.

But John on the other hand likes 3D puzzles but not the clear ones. So we got him a wooden pirate ship.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA  This ended up being pretty good size and eve camp with little pirate guys.

The boys also finished a craft up this week of a Pueblo house Diorama.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA Here they are at the end phase. They worked all week on the background, house design and wooden ladders. Today they added the clay.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA Eric working on his pueblo home…

GE DIGITAL CAMERA  John with his Pueblo Diorama

GE DIGITAL CAMERA John’s pueblo diorama…Notice that his house is much smaller.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA And Eric with his Pueblo Diorama

GE DIGITAL CAMERA Eric’s Diorama. Much bigger.

Its funny how both boys were given the same instructions, yet there are differences in their dioramas. From the back ground, to the pueblo homes.

They both came out great though and both boys had a great time making them!

One day the boys made Pirate hats and treasure maps out of brown mailing paper (we picked it up at Wal-mart). You can also use tea or coffee to dye regular paper or construction paper. They used watered down brown paint to paint the hats and map a little darker. Then we burned the edges of the map and crinkled it to map it more authentic.


We wrapped up the explorers craft with pieces of eight and dablooms.  The boys cut circles out of cardboard and made designs on them using tacky glue. They dried over night then we spray painted them gold & silver. I think they came out so cool. They were even placed in treasure chest crafts.




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