Move to North Carolina

We Moved!

We had been unhappy in Oklahoma for a while. Hubby was tired of his job and the lack of respect, and we were both tired of the run down rental we were in. We had been in Oklahoma for about 10 years and were done with it. We did a lot of growing and learning there and are grateful for the experience, but it was time to go. The whole family was feeling the need to make a change, even the kids. We were talking to some friends and making a statement that Hubby and I have said many times before, about wanting to move. Wanting somewhere that had 4 seasons, instead of 2, or close to it. A smaller town than Lawton, more nature, trees and such. Our friends were from North Carolina and suggested we move to the East. We had never really thought about the East. We always figured somewhere more north to get away from some of the heat and dry weather but not too far north with too much snow. So, we started looking into it and were liking what we saw online. We talked to our friends some more, to get some first hand knowledge of the area and asked tons of questions.  Hubby and I decided to put some feelers out and apply for him a few jobs online and see if anything came of it. And it did! He got two job offers very fast. Things just started to come together.  I did our cards, we talked everything over, more than once, talked to our friends, a lot and just listened to the signs. Everything was saying it was time to get out of Dodge aka Lawton, Ok. We tried to wait a month but, we’re not very patient people and were ready. Even after we sat down and talked to the kids they started packing before we told them too. Especially the youngest. He was more than ready. So we sold as much as we could, and we had a lot of stuff! We loaded a small Uhaul trailer to tow behind our truck and off we went.  I hadn’t nailed down a rental for us yet, cause Hubby had to have full job confirmation and we needed to be there to take to the final steps so we left of faith that we would not be homeless. Looking back maybe we should have waited the month, cause we had a rough start and the boys missed attending summer camp, but can’t change the past.

Anyways, we got off to a real rough start. We waited until we had sold almost everything and were a day or two from leaving before we told anyone. Everyone was shocked. Well, the few people we close too. Our closest friends were the only one s who knew. Our next door neighbor was a close friend and loved the boys dearly. She was heart broken. The guys hubby worked with didn’t believe him until he loaded his tool box and was quitting. He has been with the Nissan company for almost 8 years. Landlord, who was also one of hubby’s bosses wasn’t too happy with us. We weren’t under contract and left the house in way better condition than when we moved in. It was so clean and nice the landlord moved someone in a few days after we left. However he tried to get a full months rent out of us before we left. We paid for the first week in June that we were still there.  Anyways, we finally head out and get just past the toll booth when our youngest can’t find his stuffed dog, Polly. He has had this dog for so many years, its his absolute favorite. He starts to cry. I make hubby pull over and we start calling the neighbor to see if its laying the driveway of our old house. It took a while but we finally got a hold of here and she confirmed it was there. Instead of driving all the way back, towing a trailed we asked her to bring it to us. And she did. She saved the day and made my baby very happy! So, we were off again, quite a bit behind schedule by now. We took the southern route to North Carolina, cause going straight across we would have hit more mountains and pulling a trailer we didn’t care for that idea. So we had to go south and cut through Texas a bit. OMG! I know Texas is big, I was born there, but dang! It took us most of the day to get through Texas. It was awful! We barely made it into Louisiana the first night. Our friend called and made us a reservation at a Motel 6 for the night. Which was both good and bad. If she hadn’t we wouldn’t have had a place to stay, cause they were full by the time we got there. But also not so good cause the room was not good. It was gross and the beds sucked. We didn’t have a lot of choices since it was late and we did keep out cat, Amber. We had to stay somewhere that allowed pets. So that was the first day.

The second day we were up early and on the road. We made it all the way to North Carolina but late the second day. We put some miles in that day. We were gonna sleep in the truck at a rest stop but it was too hot, so our friend made us another reservation at another Motel 6. This one was a bit nicer. We slept decently. We got up early yet again and hubby said we should get a storage for our stuff so we could house hunt without the trailer. So, we spent most of the morning unloading the trailer at the Uhaul place, that was nice enough to give us a FREE storage space for 1 month! Then we were off for hubby to talk to the managers from 2 Nissan dealerships about his job offers. We spent the rest of the day driving around and looking for houses to rent.

The next night we stayed at a Motel 6 in another town, near hubby’s second job offer. It was an ok room. However just after we arrived we let our cat out of her carrier to stretch her legs and she found a hole under the sink in the bathroom and disappeared in the walls!!! We tried for a while to get her out but she wasn’t having any o f it. I told the front desk person and he just said we should keep a better eye on our pet. Really!?! We were all tired from the drive, and didn’t have any good leads on a rental the first day, just 2 good job offers for the hubby. After a while we decided to leave the room, in the hopes that our cat would come of the wall, and we went down the street for a sit down, not eat in the truck, dinner. We came back to a still empty room, no cat. We showered and went to bed, nothing more could be done that night. Luckily, in the middle of the night our cat came out of the wall! What a relief. We quickly grabbed her and put her back in her carrier.

Anyways, we ended up staying in motels a few days, driving around all day looking for rentals and just wearing ourselves out. The boys did great being cramped up in the truck the whole time, from the drive from Oklahoma to the driving around towns in North Carolina. They didn’t have much room with the cat’s carrier in the seat between them, but they were champs.

We were so stressed towards the end of the week we decided to distress ourselves and take a break. So, we drove north to Ohio, which was now only a few hours from us, to see hubby’s dad and step mom. We hadn’t seen them in several years. We didn’t give them much notice, just called and said we’re coming. They freaked a little, but quickly adjusted their lives to accommodate us. We only planned on staying the night, at a nearby motel, but they had other ideas. We stayed a few days, even took a trip to West Virginia to visit Blennerhasset Island.

Aaron & Eric on  paddle boat Aaron & John on  paddle boat Eric & John on  horse drawn carriage John & Eric with horses in Virginia


We returned to North Carolina and found a weekly motel to stay in, as it was a lot cheaper than paying nightly. The motel was privately owned and not too bad. The boys really enjoyed the pool! We tried to take them at least once a day while we were there.


Eric giving John bunny ears-2014 Statesville Eric floating in pool 2014-Statesville Eric playing with John 3- 2014 Statesville


After looking at a few places to rent, even some apartments, our friend (who is from North Carolina) found a listing for a rental in Taylorsville, NC. (where she’s from) So, we looked at it and fell in love right away! After a few days of waiting for the landlord to finish some repairs and a set back with more than one family wanting to rent it, we finally got the place. It’s outside of Taylorsville, about 2.5 miles, off a dirt road, lots and lots of trees and open grass area. Rent is bit higher than we are use to, but it’s a 4 bedroom, open floor plan. It is a double wide manufactured home, but it’s a very nice one.



So, a very stressful week and a half or so we found a great rental! We had almost no furniture when we moved in. We are slowly working on changing that. It just takes time.

It has been a rough start to start completely start over here, but in the end, it should all be worth it!


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