My Journey to Health

I have been slowly gaining more and more weight over the past 10 years or so. I have tried eating healthy, I have tried whole wheat, no sugar,  cooking from scratch and even weight watchers. (With exercise, of course) With little results. When my family and I moved to North Carolina this past summer I had pretty much given up. There was no hope. I was just gonna keep gaining weight, no matter what I ate or how much exercise I did.
Well, this is starting to change.  I saw an Endocrinologist last week. Basically, I am prediabetic. And at a high risk of heart disease. I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. (At least I have most of the symptoms for it)  Basically it has to do with cyst on or near my ovaries and they are screwing with my hormones, which in turn are screwing up lots of other things in my body. Doctors aren’t 100% sure whether the syndrome causes weight gain or the weight gain causes the syndrome. Either way its all tied together, my weight gain, my abnormal uterine bleeding, my insulin resistance, and more. There’s not really a “cure” for this, they just treat each symptom of it. Starting with my weight.
So, with the help of my Endocrinologist and a Nutritionist, I will be getting back trying to eat healthy. It will be a long hard journey. I will be trying some things I have tried in the past. But, my ultimate goal is to eat healthier, exercise more, to feel better, and lose weight. My goal will be geared more towards health than weight. If I try to focus on the weight I will just get discouraged, since I have so much to lose.
So wish me luck. My starting weight is 330 pounds and jean size is 26. My Endocrinologist wants me to lose 16pounds in 3 months. We shall see.


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