We are a homeschooling family of 7. Me(mom-Tori), Hubby(Aaron), Oldest Son(John), Youngest Son(Eric), Amber (Cat), Annabelle (Dog) & Astrid (Cat).
We have been homeschooling about  9 years now. It has had its ups and downs but we have a nice routine now. Our goal is to continue homeschooling through highschool.
We are also a mostly Pagan family. Hubby is just whatever. LOL. But the boys and I are practicing Pagans.  Our oldest and myself are avid book readers, while the youngest likes to listen to book and hubby is just not into reading.  Our oldest wants to do work outside, hiking and camping and such while the  youngest is more of a water baby and loves kayaking. Hubby works for a local Nissan dealership and I am a stay at home mom. Our oldest is wrapping up his schooling & has just joined the work force & is looking ahead to college. Our youngest has just gotten into Magic the Gathering, Anime & has joined two library clubs. I homeschool the boys, cook, clean, and do lots of crafting.  I am basically a Domestic Goddess!
We recently moved the North Carolina(2014). It was huge change for us all! As a result of this move hubby and I have grown closer as a couple and we have all grown closer as a family. Hubby now helps out more with planning meals and cooks on his days off! Kids are doing more cooking as well. We all pitch in and work as a team to keep the house clean and with cooking the meals.
Our family has gone through another big change recently. We just bought our first house! Its the beginning of a new adventure for us!


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