Meet Annabelle


Say hello to the newest member of our family, Annabelle! She is a Chihuahua/Pug mix. Also known as a “Chug”. She looks more Pug that Chihuahua in the face though. My hubby and I had been talking about getting a dog for a while, and our youngest has been begging for one for years. But due to landlord issues in Oklahoma we weren’t able to get one. Well, after years and years of waiting we found a landlord that said we could get a dog! We preferred a small indoor dog to start. So, on Monday, March 9th, the boys and stopped into the Alexander County Animal Services to see what kinds of dogs they had for adoption. They didn’t really have any small dogs available, but took my name and info and what kind of dog we were looking for and they said they would call me first if any dog came in fitting what we wanted. Well, about 3:30 the same day they called! They had an owner surrender this beautiful little girl due to landlord issues. They didn’t have her 30 minutes before calling me. The boys and I went over right away to check her out. Well, lets just say it was love at first sight! She was so sweet and calm. (Probably cause she was scared) But she came to me and boys easily and snuggled us. We all knew she was perfect. She did have a little bald spot on her butt from a previous issue with fleas, but we could deal with that. We asked how soon we could get the paperwork started and what we could do to adopt her. Surprisingly enough it was a very easy process. I signed a few papers, paid the $75 and she was ours. She was given her shots and a microchip, in cause she ever gets lost we can find her. She is scheduled for a spay appointment next week. We brought her home and began spoiling her right away. The kids loved on her and gave her lots of attention.

When I picked up hubby from work that day we went straight to Wal-Mart to get her lots of goodies. She got a bed, food, treats, and flea shampoo (just in case there was any lingering fleas).  Within the first few hours being with us she perked up and became and very active, happy dog. We decided to call her Annabelle and she started responding to the name right away.
We her to the groomers the next day to have her nails trimmed. The boys have been great about taking her out to potty about every hour. They even wipe her paws on the rug when they come in if its wet outside.
She gets very excited when my hubby comes everyday and has to give him lovins and lots of kisses.  Between the boys playing with her and snuggling her through out the day she is all tuckered out by the end of the day and ready to sleep.

She is sleeping in a doggy crate in the evenings and does great in it. We have only left her home alone once and she was put in the doggy crate for that. Because she is such a social animal we thought it best.

I think she has made a great addition to our family.

GE DIGITAL CAMERA Here’s Eric holding her like his baby. She is more than content in his arms.



My Journey to Health

I have been slowly gaining more and more weight over the past 10 years or so. I have tried eating healthy, I have tried whole wheat, no sugar,  cooking from scratch and even weight watchers. (With exercise, of course) With little results. When my family and I moved to North Carolina this past summer I had pretty much given up. There was no hope. I was just gonna keep gaining weight, no matter what I ate or how much exercise I did.
Well, this is starting to change.  I saw an Endocrinologist last week. Basically, I am prediabetic. And at a high risk of heart disease. I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. (At least I have most of the symptoms for it)  Basically it has to do with cyst on or near my ovaries and they are screwing with my hormones, which in turn are screwing up lots of other things in my body. Doctors aren’t 100% sure whether the syndrome causes weight gain or the weight gain causes the syndrome. Either way its all tied together, my weight gain, my abnormal uterine bleeding, my insulin resistance, and more. There’s not really a “cure” for this, they just treat each symptom of it. Starting with my weight.
So, with the help of my Endocrinologist and a Nutritionist, I will be getting back trying to eat healthy. It will be a long hard journey. I will be trying some things I have tried in the past. But, my ultimate goal is to eat healthier, exercise more, to feel better, and lose weight. My goal will be geared more towards health than weight. If I try to focus on the weight I will just get discouraged, since I have so much to lose.
So wish me luck. My starting weight is 330 pounds and jean size is 26. My Endocrinologist wants me to lose 16pounds in 3 months. We shall see.

Tori’s Treasured Crafts on Etsy

I have finally opened a small Etsy shop with mostly my crochet items and few of my youngests Plastic Canvas items as well. I also have a facebook page with my items listed.


Harry Potter inspired Wall Hang ?????????????????

Ninja Turtle inspired Wall Hang ?????????????????

Pokeball Keychain GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Purple and Grey Hat with Brim and flower GE DIGITAL CAMERA

White and Pink Crochet Springtime hat GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Ninja Turtles inspired diaper cover and hat ?????????????????

Purple and Grey Slouchy Hat, Scarf and matching handwarmers GE DIGITAL CAMERA

Sunflower coasters sun flower coasters


Working on more…

Happy Hooking!


Crochet Minion infant outfit

Hubby and I have a new nephew so I made up a cute minion outfit for baby Robert. Since most of the good patterns for minion style overalls are a “paid” pattern I had to make my own.

Here’s the result:



Here’s the pattern for the overalls. Make adjustments as needed. New to crocheting and even newer to making my own patterns.

Sizes 0-9 mo, it is adjustable on waist and can fit most any baby.


Hook size H

Yarn worsted weight (one ball of almost any worsted weight yarn will do, this pattern does not take too much yarn)

Tapestry needle

(Yarn and hook size can be altered to make size bigger or smaller.) Terms: Ch- chain Sc- single crochet Dc- double crochet

Trc- triple crochet

Ss- slip stitch

Ch 55

Row 1: sc 1 in second ch from hook, sc 1 in every st across, ch 1 and turn (54 st)

Row 2: trc across, ch 1 turn (54 st)


*These Triple crochet are the button holes which makes these easily adjustable for different size babies.*


Row 3: sc 1 in every st across, fasten off

(count in 16 stitches from the right on last row worked and attach yarn with a ss in the same st)

Row 4: ch 3 dc 1 in next 24 across, ch 1 turn (24 st)

Row 5: sc 1 in every st across, ch 3 turn (24 st)

Row  6-9: repeat rows 4-5 twice

Row 10: dc2tog, dc 1 in next 20, dc2tog, ch 1 turn (22 st)

Row 11: sc2tog, sc 1 in next 18, sc2tog, ch 3 turn (20 st)

Row 12: dc2tog, dc 1 in next 16, dc2tog, ch 1 turn (18 st)

Row 13: sc2tog, sc  1 in next 14, sc2tog, ch 3 turn (16 st)

Row 14: dc2tog, dc 1 in next 12, dc2tog, ch1 turn (14 st)

Row 15: sc 1 in every st across, ch 3 turn (14 st)

Row 16: Dc 1 in every st across, ch 1 turn (14 st)

Row 17-20: repeat row 15-16

Row 21: sc 1 in every st across ch 3 turn (14 st)

Row 22: dc 2 in first st, dc 1 in every st across ch 1, turn (15 st)

Row 23: sc 2 in first st, sc 1 in every st across ch 3 turn (16 st)

Row 24: dc 1 in every st across, ch 1, turn (16 st)

Row 25: sc 1 in every st across, ch 3 turn (16 st)

*Attach buttons as shown in Picture*

Row 26: dc 1 in every st across, ch 1, turn (16 st)

Row 27: sc 1 in every st across, ch 3 turn (16 st)

Row 28-38: Repeat Rows 26 & 27

Fasten off weave in ends

*Attach buttons in top corners to line up with overall straps*


On back side, line up to match front: Row 1-12: Repeat rows 26 & 27 from above

Fasten off weave in ends



Slip Stitch on top in corner: Row 1: 1 TRC in each of the next 5 stitches, Ch 1, turn

Row 2: 1 SC in each of the next 5 stitches, Ch 3, Turn

Rows 3-14: Repeat rows 1 & 2

Fasten off weave in ends


Repeat from other corner for second strap.

*These Triple crochet are the button holes which makes these easily adjustable for different size babies.*

Slip Stitch to any stitch and SC around entire overall for a nice finished look!


The minion hat is from Repeat Crafter Me…just without the ear flaps.

*I attached an “R” instead of a “G” for Gru because our nephews name is Robert.*

Happy Hooking!


Map Pencil Holder



I made this map pencil holder for my nephews birthday. He likes art so my hubby and I got him a 50 count pack of map pencils then made a cool Pirates roll up holder for all his map pencils. I am learning to sew, I have only made a few items before. I have made this pattern once before, with different material, to use as a crochet hook holder.


Crochet R2D2 hat


This was an interesting hat. I learned so much working on this hat! I found the pattern on a website. This site had the best pattern I could find that didn’t look childish. However working the pattern became problematic. It wasn’t very well written and the picture didn’t follow the instructions. So, I used my tried and true hat pattern from Repeat Crafter Me  , followed some of the original pattern and then had to learn how to graph with crochet. That was kinda fun to learn! I got out graph paper, counted stitched and graphed the pattern needed for the grey and blue combinations on the hat. The original pattern said to bring both stings of yarn with you and just switch off when needed, well that worked until the end, when the hat was a little tight due the extra string of yarn running through the stitches.  So, I only carried both strands of yarn on the rows that required switching back and forth. That worked a lot better! I also learned that when crocheting the two colors in the rows like this hat requires, that to make sure the colors line up in each row you have to go add one stitch on the row below.  When you are working on the row it will look with you are crocheting a blue on a grey (or vise versa) but when you finish the row the colors line up straight instead of crooked! Its hard to explain until you do it.  The original pattern also called for a beanie but I thought the hat with ear flaps would look cuter. I added the blue border to give it a nice finished look as well as the braids. There are 3 little cameras (one is grey in a grey area so its a little hard to see). I followed the pattern in the original pattern for the cameras. I think the hat came out really good! I was very pleased with my work on this.

Hope my brother in law enjoys his Christmas present this year!


Happy Hooking!

Crochet Puff Flower handwarmers


There’s puff flower (hard to see the puff with this color but they are on each side of the red yarn)  handwarmers pattern was found on


I did some minor adjusting to the pattern. The original pattern had the tops going up to almost a point, but I just made them the same size all  the way up adding a thumb hole where needed. Since these are done in a solid black I added a little corset lacing for a pop of color and flare. I just laced them up with the red yarn. I think a chain might have looked better, maybe next time.

Crochet hand warmers

I made these gorgeous hand warmers using a pattern I found on a blog called creative yarn.  The pattern is very simple yet elegant. I can wip out a set of handwarmers while watching a movie with my guys.


GE DIGITAL CAMERA  The blue and grey set are a birthday gift for my new sister in law! Her birthday falls in the end of December, so these are going out with her Christmas gift. The scarf is a simple figure 8 using the knifty knitter rectangular loom. The hand wamers were made following the pattern I posted a link to above. I added the grey border to the bottom of these and did the top shells in grey so it would match the scarf that is done in blue and grey. I think they came out gorgeous. Hope she likes them!

These other two handwarmers are done in the same pattern just different yarn sizes. The white, red and green ones are a peaches and cream yarn, this yarn is a little hard to work with using this pattern, but it all works out in the end and the handwarmers came out to pretty. They are my hubbys aunt.    GE DIGITAL CAMERA

The last pink and blue handwarmers are for a very special person in our family. Hubby’s grandmother. He has a special, close relationship with her. I hope she like her Christmas gift this year!  GE DIGITAL CAMERA


Crochet Pikachu Hat



This hat was a learning experience for me. It was one of the first character hats I’ve ever made. I found very few good patterns to follow online for this particular hat. Most of them are funky looking or the pattern is written very poorly.

So, I used my tried and true basic hat pattern from Repeat crafter me,  the eye pattern is from repeat crafter me as well from a different hat and the ears are actually from repeat crafter me’s antler pattern with out the added antler piece. Repeat Crafter Me really knows how to crochet. I have yet to have any problems with her patterns.

Then I just crocheted red circles and improvised on the nose and mouth.

I think the hat came out pretty cute and I learned so much!

Happy Hooking!