Why homeschool

My husband and I have been through a lot together. When we started out we had no plans for me to be a stay at home or even to homeschool. I was a working single mom when my husband and I started dating. I figured I would always work outside the home. All the women in my family worked outside the home.

When we moved to Oklahoma I planned to work outside the home and both boys would attend PS. I worked for a while then was attending a local technical school for a year. I was going to attend a second year but that didn’t work out. So, hubby and I decided I would go to work. I had to wait until January though because we had just filled bankruptcy. We didn’t want me starting to bring in income effect it. That year our oldest was starting 4th grade and youngest was starting 1st.

By October both boys didn’t like school. The oldest just stopped trying. He was so bored in class he gave no effort. The youngest was worse. He had a terrible teacher. She made his life miserable. Our youngest was crying daily, not wanting to go in and see his teacher.

We eventually decided to change our plans of my returning to work. We pulled the kids and I started homeschooling them. We went through lots of different curriculums, found a homeschooling group and spent the first 3 years finding out way. Now its been 4 years and we have found a great routine, curriculum we enjoy, and we are all loving it.

Our goal is to continue teaching both boys through highschool. That doesn’t mean they will done at 18. I recently had a conversation with a mom who homeschooled her daughter until she was 19 because she needed an extra year for maturity before going off to college. The idea appealed to me so much. That is now part of our goal!


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